Katherine Ferger CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, CTDI

Katherine is a Certified Dog Trainer who has been training dogs professionally for 25 years.

Katherine has taught classes and conducted seminars and workshops all over North America on topics ranging from behaviour to nutrition to scent detection to performance sports. Katherine's experience includes training puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments, breeds, and backgrounds and her own dogs have excelled in the sports of Disc Dog, Musical Freestyle, Scent Detection, Flyball and Dock Diving.

Her specialties include working with reactive dogs, helping owners overcome behaviour challenges with their dogs and coaching pet dog owners and sport dog owners in areas of canine conditioning and fitness, trick training, disc dog, scent detection, dock diving and canine musical freestyle. Her focus is on improving the bond between owners and their dogs, enriching the everyday lives of dogs and improving their quality of life by focusing on the whole dog, both body and mind.

Katherine keeps up to date and incorporates current scientific research in animal behaviour, psychology, health and wellness into all her techniques and methods of training. Since 1992, Katherine has attended over 100 clinics, seminars and workshops throughout North America on various topics such as animal behaviour, physiology, health, and performance. She continues to pursue online education as well and has learned from many of the greats including Dr. Ian Dunbar, Ken Ramirez, Tobias Gustavsson, Karen Pryor, Turid Rugaas, Steve White, Roger Abrontes, Debbie Gross, Leslie Edie, Christine Zink, John Fisher, Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Gary Wilkes, Terry Ryan, Dr. Pamela Reid, Carolyn Clark, Grisha Stewart and numerous others.

In 2008 Katherine graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy and was amongst the first five Canadian graduates of the course. Katherine travelled to Sweden in May of 2010 where she spent five weeks training with Bob Bailey in all levels of his "chicken camps", has attended Clicker Expos and was a regular attendee of the PABA series for dog trainers held at the OVC. Katherine was one of the graduates of the first ever offered "FitPaws Fitness Course for Certified Dog Trainers" in April of 2012, which she attended in Longmont CO. Since 2012 Katherine has worked with over 200 dogs providing fitness and canine conditioning services both for pet dogs looking to improve their quality of life well into their senior years and for performance dogs looking to improve performance and prevent injury.

Since 1992 her own dogs have consistently performed in multiple sports at a high level achieving over 150 titles with 9 dogs in five different dog sports. Knowing how to keep her dogs in top physical shape and how to prepare dogs to peak physically and mentally at key competitions has ensured her dogs have consistently performed at their best.

In the sport of Disc Dog, and at only her sixth disc dog competition ever, Katherine and her mixed breed dog Tallulah were the first ever Canadian team to win a Disc Dog World Championship when they won the Microdog Division at the Skyhoundz World Championships in 2007. Her dog Zelda came 5th in the world that same year. Since 2007 Zelda and Tallulah have been multiple time Canadian Regional Skyhoundz Champions as well as multiple time World Finalists in both Skyhoundz and USDDN. Both dogs qualified for, and competed at, the World Level in Chattanooga TN until 12 years of age and her younger dogs are following in their paw steps with placements and World Finalist status across various venues including Skyhoundz Classic, DiscDogathon, Xtreme Distance and USDDN.

Although no longer actively participating in the sport of flyball, several of her dogs have run on teams achieving Ontario Regional Champion Status in both Regular and Multi Breed Classes in the very competitive NAFA Region 2. Katherine and her dogs have performed at many local fairs and demos as well as larger venues such as the RCMP Musical Ride, Toronto Police Games and have performed with the Superdogs and the WoofJocks Performance Teams.

Please call 705-812-3467 or email schedule@redbarneventcentre.com for more information or to book a consultation with Katherine.
Katherine Ferger
Karen Pryor Academy certificate for Katherine Ferger
FitPaws Graduation
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