Klub K9


Great news! The health department has okayed reopening our outdoor fields for single participants. Open to Red Barn clients only!

Member can come alone (no children at this time unless they are the agility competitor). Clients must wear gloves if they have to set bars, they are not allowed to change anything on the course and refrain from touching anything they don't have to. Members must use the hand sanitizer on their way in and on the way out of the field. Clients must keep their safe 6' distance from any staff or other clients. Clients can arrive 10 minutes prior to their Klub K9 time and they must be completely out of the ring, before their 50 minutes is up. Once finished, clients must leave the Red Barn property immediately.

There is no access to washrooms or the Red Barn at this time, please come prepared. There is also no access to the off leash area.

You must pre-register and pre-pay online, click here to see current availability and book your time!

UNLIMITED use at open practice times, available only to RBEC Klub K-9 members and Stamp Card holders. Register for the practice ring you want to work in and enjoy your time! Registration available maximum 48 hours in advance and minimum 1 hour prior to that open time. Clients may schedule time in 1 hour increments. Multiple hours may be booked, to a maximum of 3 hours a day. System will allow maximum 3 students per hour/per ring to register for open times. Registration is by honour system and any abuse or misuse of this system will result in membership being revoked without REFUND.

Reminder to ALL members:
  • Equipment MUST be used safely and for its intended purpose. Put things away if you take them out.
  • You MUST wear indoor shoes and dry off your dog's feet if it is wet.
  • Please do not walk your dogs on the east side of the Red Barn, use our back field (not our neighbour's field nor the pond) or along the parking lot and stoop to scoop.
  • You may only walk your dogs at the Red Barn if you are registered for during open time OR are here for a class/seminar/workshop/other event.
  • Please be conscious of your time in the ring, switch out after 5 minutes or so if others are registered with you and keep waiting dogs as quiet as you can. There may be classes in progress while you are at drop in. Lots of barking dogs during busy times is not fun for anyone and you may be asked to keep your waiting dog in the car if they are distracting.
  • We do not allow ANY socializing of dogs in the Red Barn unless they are there for an official socialization event.
  • All dogs that members bring to the Red Barn MUST be registered on your Dog Biz profile and all vaccine/titer records must be kept up to date by members.
  • Sick dogs MUST be kept at home.
  • The Red Barn promotes Positive, Reward based, Force Free training methods. Please adhere to these methods when training at the Red Barn. Dog abuse and harsh corrections to your dogs will not be tolerated and may result in membership being revoked WITHOUT refund. We do not allow prong or electric collars in the Red Barn at all.
Please note that we do not allow scent detection training during Klub K9 practice times due to possible environment contamination. Please join one of our many Scent Detection classes if you are looking for additional training time.
Klub K9 Ring Booking Options

Ring #4 thick padded rubber rally, obedience, disc, etc
Ring #5 thick padded rubber agility
Ring #6 thin rubber any no-impact training
Ring #1 outdoors, fenced, grass agility

Drop-in Times vary week to week with ring availability, please
click here to see current availability and book your time!

Klub K9 Member Perks

Keep a crate, folding chair and small training bin in the Red Barn.
10% discount on classes, seminars and special interest events put on by the Red Barn Event Centre. (Minimum of 3+ month membership term MUST be in effect for the duration of class and both when seminar/event is booked and at time of seminar/event. May not be combined with other discounts.) This discount applies to RBEC events only.
20% discount on Red Barn Event Centre rentals for classes, private training, and events.
10% discount on all products sold at the Red Barn.

Membership Rates: (prices effective September 1st, 2018)
(cheque or cash)
6 Months
(total or post-dated
cheques or cash)
(total or post-dated
cheques or cash)
Individual membership
Click here to purchase
$50/month = $56.50 $300 = $339
7th month is FREE!
$500 = $565
Months 11 & 12 are FREE!
Joint membership (up to 2 people in shared household)
Click here to purchase
$80/month = $90.40 $480 = $542.40
7th month is FREE!
$800 = $904
Months 11 & 12 are FREE!
Family/kennel membership (up to 4 people)
Click here to purchase
$140/month = $158.20 $840 = $949.20
7th month is FREE!
$1400 = $1582
Months 11 & 12 are FREE!
* Total shown includes HST.

Stamp Card

STAMP card enables applicant to participate in any Klub K9 open time. Each card is good for 10 bookings for up to one year from the date of purchase. Cost is $120 + HST. Cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Each person that works a dog(s) MUST have their own STAMP card or Klub K9 membership. Each stamp is good for one (1) hour of open time.

***Monthly membership privileges such as crate storage & discounts are NOT applicable for card users. Please ask for storage information and rates if you would like to store a crate/chair etc.***

Click here to purchase a Stamp Card