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Jump Height: Veteran: 4"      8"       12"     16"
  Championship: 10"    14"     16"     20"     22"     24"
  Performance: 8"      12"     14"     16"     20"

* if entering classes at DIFFERENT HEIGHTS in the SAME PROGRAM, please submit a SEPARATE ENTRY for each height class in that program.

  Saturday, February 17, 2018 Veteran Championship Performance
$25 Tournaments   Dog Agility Steeplechase® Performance Speed Jumping

$80 Tournaments   Dog Agility Masters® Team Versatility Pairs
    *Versatility Pairs list only one partner; If blank or incorrect, entry will be for draw team:
#1: Handler: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height:
#2: Handler: Dog: USDAA#: Jump Height:
    Team/Pair Name:   

$32 Misc Masters Challenge Biathlon Performance Challenge Biathlon
 Sunday, February 18, 2018 Veteran Championship Performance
$25 Tournaments   Grand Prix of Dog Agility® Performance Grand Prix

Dog Registration (if not previously registered)
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ADD: Online Entry Fee $10
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* all fees payable in Canadian funds.

Payment Options for Canadian Competitors:
I will send an E-Transfer to Answer to security question:
I will mail cheque(s), draft(s), or money order(s) payable to "Tanya Plus"
     (mail to: Tanya Plus, 16110 7th Concession, King, ON L7B 0E1)

American competitors please contact Trial Secretary, Tanya Plus at for information on how to pay for your entries.

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RING CREW AGREEMENT: Please note that submission of entry to this trial indicates your agreement to perform a working position in the ring for the trial. We will send out a volunteer schedule with your confirmation the week before the trial. We thank you in advance for helping to make the trial run smoothly.

Complete, scan, and email the test schedule's Volunteer Form to our volunteer coordinator to indicate your job preferences and availability.

GENERAL AGREEMENT ACCEPTANCE: Through my signature, I declare that I have read USDAA Official Rules & Regulations and the General Agreement and Test Schedule provisions set forth for entry to this event, and I acknowledge that I understand and agree to abide by all such rules, regulations, policies and provisions stipulated therein, including any provisions incorporated by reference. (Sign liability at trial).

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