Puppy Social Drop In

It's Happy Hour for your Puppy!

Thursdays 11:15am to 12:15pm
Fridays 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Sundays 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Puppy Social is NOW 25% OFF!
Now only $15 + HST per visit until February 28, 2018!

Click here for 6-Pack Puppy Social visits for $60 valid only until March 31, 2018!

Who is it for:
  • Puppies 9 - 18 weeks of age who are current on vaccinations and have lived in your home for a minimum of two weeks before attending
What is all about:
  • There will be supervised and structured play time for the puppies, where your puppy will learn to behave appropriately with other dogs and people
  • Your puppy will begin to learn to pay attention to you when necessary despite the distracting environment
  • Puppy appropriate equipment will be set up for your use and you will be taught how to use it for further enrichment, training and fun for your puppy
  • You will learn what socialization is and how to ensure it is a positive process for your puppy
  • How to deal with new people, meeting new dogs, grooming, recalls, handling etc will also be touched upon
Why are we offering this:
  • The critical stage of puppy development is between 3 - 12 weeks of age. From 12 - 16 weeks your puppy is still in an important stage where learning new things and meeting new dogs and people of all kinds in a positive way will have the most impact in the shortest amount of time. We take advantage of this time.
  • Begin your puppy training while you are waiting for your class to start.
  • You can continue to attend drop in social concurrently with your Puppy Headstart class, they complement each other.
  • You can start right away, usually within days.
Where does this take place:
  • In the fully enclosed rubber ring at Red Barn Event Centre where we have access to fun puppy equipment.
Puppy Social will be supervised by Karen McNichol.

Stamp Card

The Puppy Social STAMP CARD enables applicant to drop in at any Puppy Social drop in time. Puppies, however must be under 18 weeks of age to participate in puppy social drop in. Cost is $20 + HST for a single visit (25% OFF only $15 + HST per visit until February 28, 2018!) or $70 + HST for a 4-visit stamp card (special 6-Pack Puppy Social visits for $60 valid only until March 31, 2018!) Cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE and expire after the puppy reaches 18 weeks of age.

Proof of parvo/distemper vaccination must be provided within 48 hours of submission of completed stamp card application. Please note that there will be NO ADMITTANCE to drop in without proof of vaccination.