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Jax's Journey

Meet Jax! This loveable, playful, goofy guy has come to the Red Barn Event Centre for training of basic manners, and rehabilitation after a double knee surgery. We thank the Barrie SPCA for trusting us to care for this great guy until he is ready to be adopted, hopefully later this year! Follow along with Jax's progress through rehab and training as he recovers and prepares for adoption.

Week 1

Post Surgery

In partnership with Allandale Veterinary Hospital, caring staff at the Barrie SPCA decided it was in Jax's best interest to undergo two knee surgeries and necessary rehabilitation. The Red Barn stepped in to foster Jax until his rehabilitation is complete and he is available for adoption.

Week 3

Starting Rehab

In this video we take a look at some of Jax's rehabilitation exercises and ways our team member Karen makes this a positive experience for him.

Week 5

Learning Self Control

In this video update Jax learns self-control through correct decision-making in this "It's Your Choice" game.

Week 7

Chiropractic Care

In support of his rehabilitation efforts Jax has been visiting Dr. Susan Shaw for routine chiropractic adjustments. He looks forward to the attention (and cookies!) at the appointments and leaves feeling comfortable and moving more freely.

Week 9


Jax has been progressing through rehabilitation after a double knee surgery. In this video, watch as our team member Karen uses specialized canine fitness equipment to help Jax stretch and strengthen his hind legs.

Week 11


Join Jax at Allandale Veterinary Hospital for his post-surgery rehabilitation assessment.

Week 15

A Third Surgery

Jax has just undergone his third knee surgery but he needs your help! Bring your dog to the Red Barn Event Centre for a holiday photo on December 2nd, 2018 between 11am and 3:30pm. All proceeds support Jax's continued care and rehabilitation. Hot chocolate bar and silent auction onsite also!