Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre
Red Barn Event Centre

Puppy Social

It's Happy Hour for your Puppy!

Current Puppy Social Times:
Fridays 6:15pm & 7:15pm  
Saturdays 12:15pm  

IMPORTANT!!!! If you cancel your puppy social registration with less than 48 hours notice you will not be reimbursed for it and/or you will lose one free of your free ones. This does not apply if you can supply a vet or doctor's note for canine or human illness.

Click here to pre-register for an upcoming Puppy Social session

Who is it for:

  • Puppies must be CURRENT Red Barn Puppy Foundation students to register for Puppy Social, having attended at least one class but not yet graduated. This means puppy cannot attend Puppy Social on the same day as the first class, it must be after, and puppy cannot attend Puppy Social on same day as the last graduation class, it must be before.
  • Puppy Foundation class comes with 3 FREE Puppy Socials included. If you are interested in attending more than your 3 free puppy socials, please contact to enquire about a discounted rate on puppy social packages! * must be used before your puppy graduates as there will be no credits or refunds for unused socials

Click here to register for a Puppy Foundation class

What it is all about:

  • There will be supervised and structured play time for the puppies, where your puppy will learn to behave appropriately with other dogs and people
  • Your puppy will begin to learn to pay attention to you when necessary despite the distracting environment
  • Puppy appropriate equipment will be set up for your use and you will be taught how to use it for further enrichment, training and fun for your puppy
  • You will learn what socialization is and how to ensure it is a positive process for your puppy
  • Puppy Social will now also be a part of our Puppy Foundations Program working your homework skills in a more exciting environment and every week we will have a definite curriculum

Why are we offering this:

  • The critical stage of puppy development is between 3 - 12 weeks of age. From 12 - 16 weeks your puppy is still in an important stage where learning new things and meeting new dogs and people of all kinds in a positive way will have the most impact in the shortest amount of time. We take advantage of this time.

Where does this take place:

  • In the fully enclosed rubber ring at Red Barn Event Centre where we have access to fun puppy equipment, or in our fully fenced outdoor grass ring.